Contrary to popular belief, there is a world of difference between a well designed exhibit and a perfectly executed exhibit design.  Just as large businesses hire marketing firms to design and develop television campaigns, your event exhibit design should be handed to a company that cares about more than simply looks within their designs.

A lot of designers focus 80% of their attention on appeal and another 20% on functionality.  While this sounds applicable, the truth of the matter is that their is much more involved in designing a perfectly executed exhibit.  There are numerous factors involved in determining how a design should even begin, let alone how the finished product should be.  Your design needs to capture the attention of onlookers and passersby.  Your exhibit needs to captivate them and force them to walk towards your exhibit.  And once those individuals approach your exhibit they need to engage themselves with it to the point of raising their interest and attention receptors within their conscious and subconscious.  Only then will your exhibit design be an effective one.

Carefully research and planning are integral aspects of our exhibit design.  Nearly any graphic designer can create a “great looking” exhibit design, but will it capture the attention of the individuals looking at a competitor’s exhibit and redirect their focus to yours?  That is your intention we’re presuming?  If it isn’t, we believe that it should be.  Your focus should be developing a quality exhibit that will engage your visitors and bury your brand into their psyche to the point where they will never forget it.

From concept to construction to break down and shipping to your office, our team will take great care to ensure that your exhibit design goes from being an expense, to an investment in generating new customers that will buy from you!